Survivors of sex trafficking must cope with the effects of prolonged sexual and psychological abuse long after they're free. A recent study found that of 204 female survivors of sex trafficking, 77% exhibited signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Back to Humanity is adamant that providing holistic resources to survivors on a regular basis is imperative to comprehensive recovery. This requires collaboration between city agencies, other non-profit organizations, and abolitionist advocacy groups in our community.


By integrating our mission and resources with the existing efforts of our partners, we are able to better cater to the needs of the survivors we work with. 


Yoga and meditation are powerful tools that facilitate growth, healing, and personal discovery for those who have experienced severe trauma.

Open Notebook

To integrate survivors back into the community and decrease the chance of recidivism, they must be armed with the necessary skills to gain employment.


We collaborate with other anti-trafficking 

organizations by creating 

workshops not only for survivors but for service providers, as well.